Sunday, April 6, 2008

Roommates on Charlton Heston's death

A short play. The cast of characters:
Me-I'm awesome
PsychLovinGal-The she-roommate, liberal, works for famous author, sexy dancer part-time
Scott-He's Scott, works in agribusiness.

Me: Hey you guys hear, Charlton Heston died the other day?

PsychLovinGal: Yep.

Scott: Uhuh, 83.

Me: Yep.

Scott: Awwww sad.

PsychLovinGal: Not so sad.

Me: Ouch.

Scott: But come on man. He was MOSES!

Me: It's true, when you grow up Jewish there is no one more legit than Moses.

PsychLovinGal: Yeah, I guess. Plus he was what's his name...Platypus.

Scott: Ummmm.

Me: Spartacus, she means Spartacus. And that wasn't him. He was Ben Hur.
And that ladies and gentleman is why I will be sad to be leaving for LA. For a Chuck Heston tribute this one is pretty thorough.

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Cary said...

You know that I heard in Greece they have to change Charlton Heston's name on movie posters to Charlton Heaston because in Greek Heston means to poop yourself