Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sickness' Cinema Guide to Summer '08 Part One

Summer is here and that means one thing, big damn exciting BLOCKBUSTERS! Some are great, others are crap and sometimes a tiny, great all-time classic comes out. It should be pointed out that Once arrived in theaters in late July, early August and I certainly liked that more than the Pirates, Spiders and Shreks.
So without further ado I will be taking you through a multi-post look from May to August ranking what movies you should see to have the most Sickness' Cinema approved (or SC Picks as they'll be labeled) summer.

SC Top pick: Iron Man (May 1st, 8 pm baby)
Premise: Robert Downey Jr. takes to the skies as the armored Avenger, is generally awesome.
The Sickness ingredient: Jon Favreau is a solid director who deeply cares about the opinions of fans and never lets effects over-ride performance. Figure that along with a ready to be a movie star Robert Downey Jr and the writers of Children of Men and how could this be anything short of invincible.
The thing that has me worried: Not enough time in the suit? I don't know, there doesn't appear to be any cracks in the armor (shameful).
SC Pick: Son of Rambow (May 2)
Premise: Young British rebel teams up with quiet, home-school child to remake Rambo.
The Sickness ingredients: Directed by the underrated Hitchhikers director Garth Jennings, lots of good early reviews, cute premise, great trailer.
The thing that has me worried: Might get lost in the shuffle.

Made of Honor
(May 2)
Premise: My Best Friend's Wedding with the genders revered.
The Sickness ingredients: Patrick Dempsey is in his element, admit it the man is a good romantic comedy lead. Michelle Monaghan in lingerie montage. The presence of Rome's Kevin McKidd means someone may get stabbed with a trident...maybe. Could do worse for a date movie.
The thing that has me worried: It took three writers to churn out a My Best Friend's Wedding remake with the genders reversed?

Speed Racer (May 9)
Premise: Haha! Speed Racer you must win the race! Haha, why is bear driving car? Haha!
The Sickness ingredients: It looks like the Wachowskis have churned out an effects heavy batshit insane action film. Plus Emile Hirsch and a live action chimp as Chim-Chim. Matthew Fox is unusually fun in movies.
The thing that has me worried: It looks like the Wachowskis have churned out an effects heavy batshit insane action film.

What Happens in Vegas (May 9)
Premise: Laws of Attraction with a cash prize and dumber, younger stars.
The Sickness ingredients: The phenomenon of the random hot chick party is discussed. Rob Cordry is reliable in supporting roles, Cameron Diaz looked hot on SNL.
The thing that has me worried: Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz, romantic comedy.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
(May 16)
Premise: Jesus lion to the rescue along with Prince Caspian (he represents Moses...or something).
The Sickness ingredients: Peter Dinklage AND Warwick Davis in the SAME movie.
The thing that has me worried: The first one was boring and it's story-telling was frequently flaccid, lots of cgi rushing at each-other in the previews, never a good sign. Action looks pretty damn generic post Lord of the Rings.
SC pick: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 23)
Premise: Indiana Jones is back. Do you really need more than that?
The Sickness ingredients: Duh duh duh, duh duh duh, duh duh DUH, duh duh duh DUH! (that's me humming the Indy score). Harrison Ford, Frank dream girl Karen Allen, Beowulf's Ray Winstone, Shia LaBeouf, nostalgia, John Williams and Senior Spielbergo.
The thing that has me worried: A strong creative hand by producer/collaborator/"Yousay peoples gonna die" creator George Lucas. Lots of fanboy whining even if it's good. Reports of a bloated running time.
SC pick: The Foot Fist Way (May 30)
Premise: Will Ferrell sports comedy sans Will Ferrell set in a martial arts dojo starring name you should know (and David Gordon Green regular) Danny McBride.
The Sickness ingredients: Loads of positive buzz from the likes of Judd Apatow, Will Ferrell and the boys at CHUD. Amusing guest spot in character on Conan.
The thing that has me worried: I didn't laugh during the trailer. But I think context will help a lot.

Sex and the City the Movie (May 30)
Premise: Really?
The Sickness ingredients: Ummmmmm. Hmmmmmm. If your girlfriend likes this show, you will probably be seeing it, so brace yourself now.
The thing that worries me: That this is continuing a bad trend.


Jen said...

So it's probably good I don't have a boyfriend because I am totally going to see Sex and the City: The Movie. I know it's ridiculous and I'm crazy but I don't care. Although, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to see this movie with a boyfriend anyway.

El Gigante said...

Oh Jen, if I were in NY I'd see it with you. As it stands now I might just accompany my Mom because this is lie Girl Indiana Jones for her.

Marco Milone said...

I''ve enjoyed your guide.