Monday, April 7, 2008

Two happy pictures to cheer me up

Life gets crazy. It happens. You get really busy with moving and big exciting life changes and movies sadly fall by the wayside. By the end of the week I'll hopefully be re-inspired by something awesome (or some movie news will come out that makes me supes excited) for now it's the little things. Like the two pictures below.
Around prequel number two my enthusiasm (wait let's call it what it really was, sick obsessive love) for Star Wars fizzled into nothingness. Oh the money I poured onto this franchise; on movies, novels, action figures, video-games, comics and posters. The hours spent examining every scrap of news posted up on and so on. Yikes, it's amazing I was able to develop a personality in high school. You can only be an apologist for so long before one solid kick to the head by the flannel-bearded one (he who shall not be named) undoes it all. I still love the classic trilogy, warts and all (though I admit that with the exception of Empire they're not particularly well-made films by any stretch of the imagination). I've seen a lot of production photos from these movies but I'd never seen this one before. Awesome.
This picture makes me endlessly happy. I particularly love that Linus is The Comedian. I wonder if Sally (not pictured) would still call him her sweet baboo if she saw him beat and kill that Vietnamese woman and rape her mom. For those of you who don't recognize these outfits, these are the Peanuts gang dressed as the protagonists of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic masterpiece Watchmen. Watchmen the movie directed by Zak Snyder will be in theaters in 2009.


elaine said...

That Peanuts/Watchmen picture is going to make me smile all day, I love it.

Frank said...

Sally Brown calls Linus "Sweet Baboo." Linus and Lucy are siblings. Your blog is wrong.

El Gigante said...

Damnit Frank. I'll change it.