Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'd do anything/for you dear anything Part Two

Here is the second part of my look at the actors and actresses that EW called "The 50 Actors we'd watch in anything." Part One, in case you missed it and are too lazy to scroll down, is located here.
27. George Clonney-The male equivalent Amy Adams. A Man-Adams if you will? Yes, definitely yes. Our nation’s greatest movie-star/actor.
28. Tommy Lee Jones-You can tell when TeeJon doesn’t care and it makes him dull as dishwater. I’m looking at you Man of the House, MIB II and US Rangers. That said, his work in 2007 was perfect, especially that devastating closing monologue in No Country.
29. Mos Def-Def always brings it 100%. He always finds glorious, unconventional stuff to make his characters incredibly endearing like his greeting dance with Zaphod in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy or his slow, stuttered speech in Be Kind Rewind.
30. Helen Mirren-The classiest, most awardiest Dame of them all. I’d watch this Silver Fox in, on or around anything. The fact that she appears naked in a ton of her old movies makes it just that much easier.
31. Sarah Polley-Spot on. Polley is very selective in making sure she appears in only the most thoughtful material (The Sweet Hereafter, My Life Without Me). Or fun (Dawn of the Dead, Slings & Arrows).
32. Bill Nighy-An excellent legitimate choice for the list. Damn good choice. The man can do drama, the man can do comedy and he has an eye for wonderful collaborators (he was one of the first big names to jump on the Edgar Wright bandwagon).
33. Christian Bale-They only way I could like Bale more is if every single article about him commented on his bulking up or weight loss before or after each role. Damnit I’m perpetuating the cycle…the Batcycle. I don’t thnk I’ve missed a thing he’s been in since Newsies.
34. Joan Cusack-Ah yes, where would Judy Greer be without trailblazers like Cusack setting-up the way for “the funny friend?” Cusack is spot on even when she’s playing, oh I don’t know-Kate Hudson’s kooky sister. She makes bad movies tolerable but she doesn’t get me into them.
35. Alan Rickman-Wow, once you get into British character actors you really hit a vein of actors worthy of the “we’d watch in anything” category. My model for teaching…JK…Rowling.
36. Javier Bardem-I wonder if he’d be on the list a year ago? Regardless of his “topicality” Bardem is always solid, he’s BECOME a must-see.
37. Alison Janney-Three words and this one is for WW fans. Black. Vera. Wang.
38. Viggo Mortensen-Peter MacNicol put it best “He is Viggo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!”
39. Andre Braugher-I’ll watch him in any episode of Homicide but if you think my ass is seeing Fantastic Four 2…again…you’re crazy.
40. Regina King-There really should be a subset of this list called “They make crap better” list. I wouldn’t watch Regina in anything but she makes it better.
41. Steve Carell-Since I saw Evan Almighty and have Horton Hears a Who (whom?) on my Q yes, it’s true, I will watch him in anything. But please Steve no more Almightys.
42. Paul Giamatti-In addition to being the actor I’d most like to play me in a movie I’ve been madly in love with Pig Vomit since Private Parts.
43. Mary Louise Parker-MayLo, is guaranteed gold and her taste is discriminating enough to ensure she never ends up in crap.
44. Clive Owen-The complaint that they don’t make tough guy actors like Lee Marvin and John Wayne and Robert Mitchum anymore should be that they don’t make tough guys like Lee Marvin and John Wayne and Robert Mitchum in AMERICA anymore.
45. Jeffrey Wright-I won’t let the “anything” label stretch to Invasion, that is for damn sure.
46. Julianne Moore-Um, no. She’s amazing but she has something like a 2:1 bad to good movie ratio and I simply cannot see that many bad movies.
47. Neil Patrick Harris-Yeah I would, now. If NPH keeps up his high caliber of film, TV and stage work his career will be, dare I say it, LEGENDARY.
48. Colin Firth-Can I take back that thing I said about British actors? Naw, I like him but he hasn’t had THAT role that makes me fall in man-love yet.
49. Laura Linney-The venerable Ms. Linney has thus far stayed away from falling into the Moore trap, she’s gotten close, but if she keeps having 2007’s she’ll be fine.
50. Joseph Gordon-Levitt-I haven’t seen Stop-Loss yet but I plan to and his being in it has A LOT to do with it, so yes.


Cary said...

its like you were staring over my shoulder while i was looking at the list online... its actually a little creepy

El Gigante said...

Yes, "like" I was looking over your shoulder.

wunder said...

Ah the Black Vera Wang. Remember who her niece was in that episode? yes Rami, you're right, it WAS Evan Rachel Wood! Also, AlJan (as you would say) is my number one on that list. American Beauty, The West Wing, Juno... bring on the Janney!