Tuesday, April 1, 2008


As I popped in my Enchanted disc the other night to watch with the roomies I did something different, this being moving the cursor over Pip on the opening menu screen. When I clicked enter it took me to a super secret, hidden Disney inter-office memo detailing the outline for Enchanted 2: Git 'r done more Enchantedly. Apparently execs are so displeased with what's her names performance that they are replacing her with a real actress, that's right my bloggies, you guessed it-MCots herself, Miss Marion Cotillard. WOOOOOOO!

Also set for a change up will be James Marsden who's talent obviously kept away a broader audience, so they're ditching Marsden and replacing him with Larry the Cable Guy. Thank goodness is all I can say. Cause frankly if gays, Jews and liberal intellectuals aren't being mocked I'm just not laughing.
The story is also likely to cross over with the proposed National Treasure 3: The Search for Cage's Integrity. Got to love that Disney synergy.

If all this seems like a shock to you, please, check the date.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Anyone that insults MarCots is awesome in my book.

J.D. said...


This isn't true?

*oddly disappointed*