Friday, April 4, 2008


Just in time for Saturday it's my Friday night links.

Lists: Judd Apatow runs off the films that have influenced his own wonderful style: you might be surprised here. provides some of the finest opening credit sequences of all time (complete with video evidence). Get jazzed for the rest of the movie here.
But that's not all EW has a list-y opinion on, check out their favorite top twenty horror films (a fairly respectable list for film novices). Get scared (unless you're Eli Roth) here.

Funny:Jeff and Patrick (handsomest guy in the office [SUCK IT JAKE]) have a run-down of several cinematic sub-genres over at college humor, here.
Peter pointed me to this pointed piece by a famous author about how his work has been eaten up and spit out by the studio system here.

Interviews: Etan pointed me towards a fascinating piece about the relationship between Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard courtesy of the New Yorker here.
Esquire magazine has two of my favorite cinematic voices; Shane Black and Edgar Wright, shoot the shit. I'd listen to these two guys talk about grass growing, so to hear them talking movies give me a giant cine-boner. Wright vs. Black here.

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