Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And my love grows

Ok so during some late night Amy Adams googling (shut up) I learned several facts that make me like her even more.
1. She loves Mexican food (I love Mexican food)
2. She loves The West Wing (I love The West Wing)
3. She's kind of embarrassed by that about of Smallville where she plays an overweight teen who eats a deer (I've watched clips of that episode, probably more than I should)
4. She's not a naturalized American citizen, having been born on an army base in Italy (Italy according to Michael Showalter is the birthplace of spaghetti)
5. She was in Serving Sara something I had COMPLETELY forgotten (probably because I had no idea who she was at the time). But not only is she IN this famously gerund-y film, can we get a picture...
Mmmm, can we get another one (something with less Matthew Perry)...
...Oh wait, I had a point I was making, yes so not only is she in the film but who is she romancing in this film, who is the leading man that absolutely positively makes it certain that I will unquestionably love this woman forever? Who could be so awesome as to be a better romantic sparring partner than Leonardo DiCaprio, Lee Pace, Will Ferrell or John Krasinski?
Who I ask you who?!?!
Congratulations, you are now freaking out.

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