Thursday, January 3, 2008


Time to sound the horn or as Bender might say:
The last several days were spent with my lovely gal pal Gisele (note the one "L" thus distinguishing my beloved redheaded real gf from my beloved redheaded fictional gf ["Ahhh now the last two posts make sense" say my dozens of regular readers]) and it was amazingly wonderful. Today I bid my girl a tearful farewell and have no choice but to find solace in the arms of my second love, this blog. I will be back later tonight with my first official posting of 2008 and the start of my 2007 year in review. I'll be looking back at my five favorite film-going experiences of 2007. Should be loads of fun. In the meantime (this being the Sickness Cinema and all) here is a picture of Amy Adams in swim-wear from the glorious beach movie parody Psycho Beach Party (Amy is the one on the right).
Question: Does the fact that this movie has a scene where Nicholas Brendon "accidentally" rips off Amy's bikini bottom make the movie merely great or the GREATEST MOVIE EVER?

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