Friday, January 11, 2008

I Link Your Milkshake!

Phew. Oh man, it's done. Now I get why people usually do ten. Good lord. Anyway here are this weeks links. There is kind of a Wire/There Will Be Blood theme going on here. If you don't know what The Wire is, stick around and I shall discuss it soon.

Wire Stuff:
Nick Hornby interviews David Simon, creator of The Wire here. I'm pretty sure this is the modern day equivalent of Mark Twain interviewing Ben Franklin in terms of awesome.

The House Next Door breaks down the anatomy of The Wire's opening title sequence here.

There Will Be Blood Stuff:
The IFC has compiled a list of critical reaction to the quick to legendary status "I drink your milkshake" scene here.

Internet I love you. See why by clicking here.

Misc. Stuff:
Film Threat has a list of the greatest "lost" films of all time right here. Intriguing stuff.

Here's something a bit lighter, Cracked, tells us all about the worst 15 James Bond one-liners here.

Read. Dance. Bliss. pointed me towards this bit of awesome here. This is the video for anyone who has ever watched an internet video.

Laura Katz is the reason I love most of the music I do (and have most of the music I do-but don't tell the record companies that). Her blog is as the kids say "teh sex", check it out here.