Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of...The Golden Globes

For SHAME Hollywood Foreign Press! For f'ing SHAME! I will be adding to this post later but with little exception I am MOST displeased. I think you can all guess what I'm PARTICULARLY upset about.





Over This?:

What's that you say fictional Hollywood Super-Agent Ari Gold?

Updated with actual content (kind of):

The Good: Sweeney Todd's win may hopefully give it some award show traction which I wish to then turn into traction for a much deserved Burton nomination. But considering its opposition consisted of Across the (snicker) Universe its win is not so staggering, even in the face of the rising popularity of Juno.

Daniel Day-Lewis DRINKS YOUR MILKSHAKE Denzel.

Yay for Ratatouille a clear-cut much deserved win.

Julie Christie, again given the bracket, deserved the win. Same goes for Depp, considering the bracket. I'm not upset about Bardem's win but there were a lot of worthy nominees.

Good for Julian Schnabel as I do think the direction in Diving Bell was top-notch but potentially at the cost of Burton's nomination? I'm torn.

The Bad: MARION COTILLARD OVER AMY ADAMS! WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I can't imagine her being beaten by a worse opponent oh my poor Amy. I hope this doesn't kill her traction. Hey you know who didn't do their own singing? Cotillard! You know who DID do their own singing? AMY ADAMS! You know who complained and bitched unconvincingly for two hours? Cotillard! You know who effectively portrayed a human incarnation of an animated princess discovering the perils and joys of being human? ADAMS!

I've started reading Atonement and it is a textured, wonderful novel but it only serves to underline how inconsistent the film was. Still, as was pointed out the best picture Globe winner is generally not an indicator of the winner (Babel anyone?).

Cate Blanchett's win is laziness, pure and simple. She's great but she's hardly earth-shaking. Swinton or Ryan would've been much worthier wins. Hell even Ronan would've given a good spee-never mind.

The mostly rote adaptation of No Country (Those lines everyone likes? All Cormac) over Juno, weak!

As much as I enjoy the soundtrack of Into the Wild (and I do) come on I defy you to tell me the lyrics of any Eddie Vedder song "Sabigsahhhhhh" Brilliance. Poor "That's How You Know."

Ugly: Spending an hour with Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell. Awful. Thank god for beer, the great entertainment equalizer. And talking about winners and losers right after someone has won is all well and good when you're at home, but to do so during the ACTUAL broadcast. TACKY!


Anonymous said...

you're right, rice pilaf should've beaten edith piaf in the best actress in a musical/comedy

Joel Swedove said...





Anonymous said...

at least SOMEONE agrees that adams was BRILLIANT and cotillard was, if not total crap, completely undeserving of even a nomination in the category