Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some notes on what I missed

Many of you who have asked about why "such and such" movie was left off this or that list is for the simple reason that I missed that film (or it wasn't playing wide enough). I mean I did see over 80 films in theaters in 2007 (that's not even touching stuff I saw on DVD or on TV) so it's not so bad.

Anyway here's the biggies:
4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days-Played at festivals and wasn't at those festivals (I will be checking it out when it opens at the end of the month).
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford-couldn't find anyone to go with and by the time my schedule cleared up it was already out of theaters. This is the one that really irks me as it looks right up my alley.
Cassandra' Dream-I already saw Match Point. I'll wait until DVD and netflix it then.
The Great Debaters-Ehhhh, Antwone Fisher was fine but forgettable, I can foresee watching this on a plane some time down the line.
I Am Legend-Heard good things about the first hour or so, I'll netflix it.
The Kite Runner-I won't make the Atonement mistake again, I'll read the book first.
The Kingdom-Currently on my netflix q, looking forward to it.
In the Valley of Elah-A Haggis war film? No thanks. I am grateful for the mileage I got out of the elah, elah, elah jokes.
Lady Chatterly-Saw this one on some of the snootier lists, netflix will do the rest.
Lars and the Real Girl-Too indie quirky even for me. Also, REALLY, everyone in town is going to go along with this conceit? Really? Still the completest in me will at least take a look at it on netflix.
Lions for Lambs-The terrible reviews kept me away and I will stay away.
The Orphanage-Looks kind of derivative. But I'll take a look on DVD, just not urgent.
Redacted-I was looking forward to it but there was some stuff in DePalma's promotional interviews that kept me away. Netflixing it.
Rendition-Looked nice and glossy but the reviews say otherwise. I'll check it out but I won't move it to the top of the q anytime soon.
Starting Out in the Evening-Got very good notices for its performance but it's small and I picked big. But the prospect of seeing Frank Langella (in a lead role) and part of my holy trinity of redheads (that would be Lauren Ambrose) together in a move will shoot this one up to number one on my netflix q.
Southland Tales-I still enjoy Donnie Darko a lot but Domino suffered from a serious case of awful. This could go either way and I'll take a look on DVD.
Youth Without Youth-Couldn't find where it was playing and the reviews were less then kind. But come on I won't skip Coppola, even if I have to catch it on netflix.

As for people wondering where The Host (very entertaining with one of the best monsters I've seen in a long time), The Lives of Others and Black Book (both amazing) are they are on my best of last year list as they're 2006 releases (which yes, I saw them in 2007) so they go on the 2006 list. Same goes for Away from Her which was a nice thoughtful film with wonderful performances, but there's nothing that particularly makes a lasting impact about it.

All right I think we can officially close the book on 2007 (with the exception of Oscar coverage...hopefully) and get ready for an exciting 2008.

Alright back to the grindstone.

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Joel Swedove said...


i feel the same about The Assassination of Jesse James, in fact i almost pooped a brick when I saw that it was available in the hotel room I stayed in while in vegas, but alas my mom and dad wanted to see American Gangster

however, I recommend you move up The Kingdom and Rendition is also worth moving up on the q