Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh I Got Trouble!

OK so some of you may have noticed that there was no Monday Night Monologue last night, the reason for this being I came upon a terrible epiphany that the phrase "Monday Monologue" had burrowed its way into my subconscious by seeing it sporadically on Nate Rogers always excellent filmexperience blog. Damn. While Nate doesn't run the feature every week I don't want anyone accusing me of plagiarizing another site's feature. So I got trouble. Right here in Bloggy city. As such I will be trying out some new features and based on feedback (that means comments people) I will start a new weekly feature (or features depending on their popularity). I'm psyched and you should be too.

Oh and my good buddy over at Aaronology, had his first stand-up performance tonight and rocked...hard! So in honor of him (and another friend toiling away hard at scripting) here is a little celebration I think they'll both enjoy.

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