Friday, January 25, 2008

How She Link

Got some good ones for you this week, lets start with a pair of very interesting interviews.

Every year Time magazine does a pre-Oscar round table with several of the year's biggest stars. This year was a very impressive and fun grouping that included Daniel Day-Lewis, George Clooney, James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard. It's fun watching everyone interact; Jolie comes off as serious and aloof, Clooney and McAvoy just enjoy joking around, Page is awestruck by the company and everyone is blown away by Day-Lewis. If you click on any link from this week let it be this one HERE.

Also my good buddy Amir from and got interviewed like an actual famous person right below. I am super proud of him (and slightly jealous). But isn't that what all friendships are about?

This blog I discovered is completely amazing. It's all about the convergence of pop music and movies. It's amazing and once you visit you'll want to check back daily here.

The Coen's composer, Carter Burwell, has a pretty neat homepage too, right here.

In honor of Rambo:
Someone took the time to count the type and number of kills in all the Rambo movies here. My friend David and I once did this with all the Romero zombie movies and Shaun of the Dead. I think he still has it.

The rise and fall of the action icons of the 80's (the less famous ones anyway) here.

Because you're on THIS site:
Here is an old school Amy Adams interview where I culled a lot of information for my last post on her. Click here to adore her circa Catch Me If You Can.

Also apparently David Hyde-Pierce was going to play Nathaniel in Enchanted and Susan Sarandon has been attached to the movie since 2001. Weird. Also at one point National Treasure's John Turtletaub and Hairspray's Adam Shankman were attached to direct.

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