Monday, January 14, 2008

Something that made me laugh

According to who is in turn quoting the upcoming G.I. Joe movie will have Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Duke's best friend. The big twist being...the best friend character will turn into...brace yourselves 80's nerds...COBRA COMMANDER. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Joseph Gordon Levitt playing Cobra Commander. Roll that around your mind hole for a minute.

What's next? Ben Foster as Serpentor? Zac Efron as Tommax and Xammot (thank you miracles of CGI)?

Don't get me wrong Gordon-Levitt is an amazing actor (Brick, Mysterious Skin and The Lookout providing ample evidence) but this looks waaaay too silly for him. But who knows? Could be a lot of fun.

Which member of young Hollywood you like to see play a G.I. Joe villain? Post in the comments please.

UPDATE: In an odd bit of blogging synergy Latino Review is posting that Dominic West himself (Jimmy McNulty himself, for you non-Wire watchers-he was the jerky politician in 300) will be playing Destro. Say what you will about this film but the villains are going to be played by way over-qualified actors.


left coast jane said...

who would I want to see play an arch-villain?

joseph gordon-levitt. WAAAY.

And why should he not want to play an arch-villain in a comic book movie? Tommy Lee Jones, Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Willem Dafoe, Chris Walken, Aaron Eckhart pop to mind -- they aren't such bad company to keep, eh? Besides, JGL just wrote on his website ('s forum that "...the most illustrious of story-tellers throughout the ages, from Homer to Shakespeare to Chaplin would all be mad jealous of my character's costume. ..."

El Gigante said...

Just to clarify I don't mind having talented actors play villains in licensed properties. Sometimes its great, but sometimes not so much.

Lets take this point by point:

Tommy lee Jones was embarrassing as Two-Face, something Aaron Eckhart will hopefully rectify.

Jack Nicholson was...fine as the Joker but he was more Nicholson than Joker. Again more psyched about the forthcoming Ledger incarnation that looks to echo the more serious tone of the modern and Neal Adams era version of the character.

Dafoe was great as Green Goblin (just wished he had a better costume). He's scarier without the mask.

Chris Walken is great even when he's a parody of himself (cause then the irony starts to eat its own body). Are you referring to his turn in Batman Returns? It's a solid character looking at him through the lens of the dark version of Bruce Wayne but he's a little too dim. "Bruce Wayne...what are you doing dressed as Batman?"