Friday, January 4, 2008

One Missed Link

Link, link, link. Get to the links.

Like vintage trailers? Like Edgar Wright, Joe Dante, Rick Baker, John Landis and Jack Hill? Then WHOAH BABY have I got a site for you. See some amazing trailers and get some quality dish from some of the greats from genre cinema right here. WARNING: NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HOURS OF TIME SPENT WATCHING TRAILERS WITH OR WITHOUT COMMENTARY!

It's a new year, want to see what you should be getting excited about? Fifty-five suggestions await you here.

In case you missed it David Cross has some pretty amusing comments on all the hipster moaning (I did it too) about his appearing in Alvin and the Chipmunks right here.

Good news everyone! There will be fewer sequels and remakes this year, get grateful right here.

I put the Misfortune Cookie Blog on my list of favorites but I really must insist you check it out here. Doesn't hurt that Miss Julie's avatar is Billy Wilder. I dig it.

Etan was quick to point the way to Chris Orr of the New Republic's (oooo liberalicious) best of the year right here.

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