Monday, January 7, 2008

Some quick notes before the big push

First off thanks to all the people who visited the blog yesterday during the blogathon. I hope I provided enough meat for many of you to stick around. Let me just say its not all year end lists around here (we also talk about Enchanted...a lot). In all seriousness I hope that 2008 really turns this blog into a really varied web experience that is more then just reviews and lists but a lot more commentary, discussion, humor and analysis. Feel free to say hi or make requests for future features or stuff you'd like my thoughts on.

On to site business: Ok so my honorable mentions, the not quites and the worst lists are all up. So now all my fans (and Frank) are asking when will the Top 20 be up? The answer is by the end of the week, there is some personal back to work stuff that needs to get tended to first. My question to you is should I break each part of my top 20 into its own blog entry or just do a single post with all 20?

Thanks go out to the nimble for their recent loving.

Oh also a big shout out to the fine folks at ASU whom Joel has forced me onto you. I hope you're enjoying the blog, why not use this time to say hi and introduce yourself (right on, right on).

Come back around tonight, the Monday Night Monolgue I have planned is a doozy. It's from a movie we'll be hearing about a lot in the weeks and months to come.


Joel Swedlove said...


it's aSu

just letting you know :-)

oh and you should do the whole list as one post...i hate suspense

Anonymous said...

Yeah, definitely agree about the one big post thing.

Etan said...

While I am attracted to the level of detail and depth that several posts would provide, I have to concur with the previous commenters that publishing your Best of 2007 as a single post is probably best.