Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh yeah well who's gonna save you JUNIOR?!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about Indiana Jones and the Bazooka of the Quantum of Solace (or whatever the ridiculous second part of the title is) and despite all press reports to the contrary, despite a press release through Lucasfilms, I STILL think we will be seeing the dessicated visage of Sean Connery at some point in this movie. I mean it makes more sense for him to show up in the movie then say...Sallah (though that would be AWESOME). SPOILER WARNING: Consider that if the movie is about a father and son relationship (that would be Indiana and Mutt[Henry Jones III?]) then why not drive this point home by showing three generations of Jones. SPOILERS END Besides it would certainly be better for Sir Connery to go out on this film then in the unapproved by Alan Moore League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I'm not mad about these denials, if anything I'm appreciative. How often are savvy movie-goers surprised by cameos anymore? If it hasn't been spoiled on the internet (hello Ed Norton and Sam Jackson in Iron Man as the Hulk and Nick Fury respectively) or glaringly obvious (you mean Will Ferrel is going to show up in a VINCE VAUGHN MOVIE?!?!?! GASP) the audience rarely has a chance to rear up and be surprised. Lord knows my favorite part of the otherwise lackluster Pirate sequel was seeing Geoffrey Rush appear at the end. So kudos to Connery and the folks at Lucasfilms for perpetrating such a stunt (maybe).

And my God, if Abrams is secretly pulling this stunt with Shatner I will buy Cloverfield on DVD. I swear I'll do it.

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sarah said...

You? Buy a DVD? I'd be shocked. I don't believe you.