Saturday, December 29, 2007

A brief word before a temporary vacation

I am extraordinarily pleased with the progress of the blog, your clicks and comments mean the world to me but alas this will be my second to last post of 2007 (there will be one more but it will basically be a pictorial place holder that I brainstormed a while ago). Fear not loyal blog readers I will be back January third. I'm just taking a little vacation, the reason for which will be apparent when you see the next post. Alas, I did not get a chance to see There Will Be Blood today as it was sold out ALL DAY, luckily I got to see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly instead and it was a more than worthy substitute. I won't be giving it an official review as I'm low on time and it's a deeply intense kind of film that invites a worlds worth of emotional response. I will say that it is a beautiful movie and will be appearing on my best of list (and fairly high up there at that).
In theory (saying "I will for sure" is inviting trouble) I'll have something longer about the aforementioned film after my break and lord willing There Will Be Blood as well. Also some time in mid-January there will be a massive year end best of list and some sort of mini-awards type thing that I have in the works. Also returning will be all your favorite segments: Monday Night Monologue, Friday links, birthday tributes, reviews and whatever else swims through my brain. Oh and we'll still be talking about Enchanted, I've seen what the people are googling and this movie will NOT be going away.
Does this mean you should stop visiting the site? HECK NO! Use this time to look back at favorite articles, note my grammar and spelling mistakes and most important of all come up with stuff you'd like me to talk about for the blog. I can't know what you want unless YOU tell me. It would be great if you left your suggestions in the comments. I'm hoping 2008 will be an amazing year for The Sickness Cinema and I thank all of you for the wonderful words of encouragement.

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