Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tip of the top, cream of the crop

We’re celebrating a very special birthday today at the Sickness Cinema. Time for all my blog-blog-arees to know that one movie fills my heart with more joy than any other. Its practically a primal thing because my earliest memories of film watching involve seeing a very worn VHS copy of this film. As a cholic-y baby I could not get to sleep without watching this film and it imprinted itself on my heart, mind and soul. “What could it be Sickness?” I've probably seen this film more than any other of my cinematic obsessions and I still laugh, cry and sing-a-long at the exact same moments I did when I was three or four. You can say old Disney movies have incredibly racist caricatures in them (it was a different time but it doesn’t excuse it), that Walt was an anti-Semite (probably true) and that Disney may have become synonymous with low rent family pandering, sentimental, tacky crap… BUT damn it all, any company responsible for creating THIS can’t be entirely evil. Behold the scene that was my security blanket for my entire childhood.

Happy Birthday Dick Van Dyke. It’s truly a jolly holiday with you.

Oh and Fracisco, enjoy this:

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Little Earl said...

Dick van Dyke's cockney accent is probably better in Spanish.

One of the greatest movies ever made.