Friday, December 14, 2007

Oodles of links

Hola my merry band of blogditos,

Once in a while I want to show you what's going on to influence the posts that I put up or just direct you to something cool and film related. To that end I will be providing helpful links to various articles I stumbled upon (or were referred to me) during the week.

Nate over at filmexperience (the blog that inspired this one) has comprehensive Golden Globe speculation and top notch criticism of the nominees. Click here

The good folks over at the independent film channel have a list of the best action scenes from 2007, I disagree with some of them but I appreciate Hot Fuzz getting some love so late in the year (Also I just picked up the three disc special edition and it is GLORIOUS). Click here

Cary recommended this little piece on the religious undertones in Atonement, very helpful for almost making me like the second act (but alas, it didn't). Click here

Speaking of long tracking shots, has a list of the ten best of all time. Click here

This one is incredibly cool, Disney blogger Jim Hill has a massive catalogue of Pixar in-jokes and cameos in their movies. Wall-e is in Ratatouille, who knew? Click here

Puzzled or frustrated by the end of No Country for Old Men, this might help. Click here

My intense girly crush on Enchanted continues. Quint over at aicn has a thorough interview with director Kevin Lima. Click here

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