Friday, December 28, 2007

The Diving Link and the Butterlink (cause Nate already took There will be LInk)

New Friday, new links, lets get to work:

While I disagree with some of their points this is still a plenty funny article about some retroactive re-shoots that could've made the year better courtesy of Guardian Unlimited. Click here.

Internet produced parodies, generally I can take them or leave them but my good friends (no lie, I've got pictures) over at College Humor recently put up a very high class take on a certain Eastwood flick that can always do with a little ribbing. PS Any child of the 90's would be remiss to ignore their Street Fighter series. Click here for some Million Dollar Babies.

Film related cheesecake you say? Why I've got some right here courtesy of the good folks @ (and I don't mean the kind of cheesecake they gamble over in that scene from Guys and Dolls).

Someone took the time to break down the four major male character arcs that keep seem to be cropping in movies of late here. Not included in this article, why Dane Cook keeps cropping up in movies of late.

Ooo I liked this one, see the growth of Tim Burton and his experience with musical numbers leading up to Sweeney Todd here.

Hey howdeydodat long tracking shot in Atonement? American Cinematographer has your back right here.

Hey remember when Steve Martin was funny? So does this lady, click here to look back and fondly remember.

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