Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Random Film Thought: The Wild Rumpus Begins in '08

Awesome, just awesome. We've now seen the hides and the hairs of the monsters from the beloved Maurice Sendak children's novel adapted by Dave Eggers (!!! [not the band, just excited]) and directed by Spike Jonze, but still their faces remain a mystery. Well...not really, I mean you could just look at the book. If you don't know what book I'm talking about then may I be the first to say "welcome to Earth, here is your copy of Where the Wild Things Are." Anyway, just so you can get some voices to go with those non-faces check out this bad-ass line-up:
Forest Whitaker (he'll be the monster with the lazy eye but no one will mention it)
Catherine O'Hara
James Gandolfini (you'll know its him cause he'll be wheezing...a lot)
Lauren Ambrose (The Sickness LOVES Claire Fisher)
Mr. Tom Noonan
Don't know Noonan? For shame, because you actually DO! Check out the man's awe inspiring career of bad-assery here.

Oh man, this thing is so the antithesis to Cat in the Hat, I love it.

What children's classic would you like to turn into an amazing film? Who would you cast and who would direct?

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