Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Let me say this is quickly and to the point because there are plenty of other blogs that can inform you about politics more articulately and with more accuracy. No End in Sight is a documentary you MUST see. You may think "oh I've seen plenty about Iraq, I successfully avoided the mediocre slate of Iraq related movies this year, this movie isn't going to be anything more then a lot of the same liberal hand wringing I've seen time and again." WRONG! The movie made by a poli-scientists as opposed to a filmmaker in a cool, clear, level-headed and non-partisan way tells the story of the unbelievable FUCKERY that went down in Iraq right from the time when victory was declared back in 2003. There is a whole world of shit that we should be angry and ashamed about that you may not have been aware of ever existing. It's staggering. I hope there is an extra painful room in hell for J. Paul Bremmer and Donald Rumsfeld. The mind BOGGLES!

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