Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Last minute blogathon guy

Hey so while I've pimped the forthcoming class of 2007 supporting actress blogathon I just literally got notice that I'd been invited to participate in yet another blogathon: this one on film endings. This blogathon is being headed by Zhang Ziyi loving webmaster Joe of Joe's Movie Corner. I'm really psyched and think I have a killer entry lined-up (alas youtube took down one of the clips I was planning on using-bummer). The 'thon will be running a massive three days long (from the 27-30) which gives me some time to work. Expect an entry up some time either on Thursday or Friday at the latest. Those of you clamoring for a There Will be Blood review will have to wait as some unforeseen difficulties (and bad show times) have kept me away from this most anticipated last big release of the year. Hopefully I'll get a look at it tomorrow and have the review up at the same time.

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