Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random Film Thought: Looking back, looking ahead

While watching the commentary track on Superbad (which continues the noble tradition of Apatow DVD commentary tracks nearly being as entertaining as the movies themselves), this little nugget came out. One of Michael Cera's first ever auditions was for The Sixth Sense. When asked if he read the line "I see dead people" he said no. He explains that he did the scene where he passes Willis a coin and says "Some magic is real." Look blog people, if I could replicate Cera's delivery I would, but I probably laughed for five minutes straight. Good lord. Michael Cera I love you sooooooo much. A lot of great DVD's out this December (Once, Blade Runner, 12 Angry Men: SE, Hot Fuzz 3 Disc, Ratatouille, Wire Season 4) but if you just want to laugh non-stop you can't go wrong with Superbad.
OK looking ahead. I hate to make plans on the blog because its like begging fate to come along and screw with me royally but I have some break time coming up so expect reviews of The Savages, Diving Bell and the Butterfly, a special review for Sweeney Todd, Walk Hard and my thoughts on the Walk Hard soundtrack. That's not even counting Monologue Mondays, Link Fridays and whatever other movie stuff that sticks to my craw between now and then. That's just between now and next Sunday. There's even better stuff coming down the pike. Get excited.

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