Thursday, December 27, 2007

License and Registration Please

Sure the Federal Government is pretty crappy when it comes to say...oh I don't know, disaster relief, international incidents, respecting the rights of all its citizens regardless or race or gender or socioeconomic status, maintaining habeas corpus and keeping a shred of civility and good will towards other countries. BUT there is one thing I respect the government for and that is the National Film Registry, at least in theory.

Every year twenty-five films are selected and placed in a vault for preservation by the US government. Not bad right? The independent committee that selects these films tends to do a pretty solid job of mixing critically acclaimed films from a variety of genres or films of great social importance. Thankfully the guy up top has nothing to do with the selection because frankly there were only so many prints of Delta Farce made. You can take a look at the official press release (which has that weird formatting problem where every type of punctuation becomes a "?"-score another one for the USofA) by clicking here. You can see the 450 other films found in the registry here.

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neonspecs said...

why are you spelling license so weirdly, sir?