Friday, December 21, 2007

Link Hard

It's Friday and you know what that means, time to show off my favorite links of the past week, no time for delay, there's simply too many movies out there (ugh, why do they always hold back so many gems until December):

I've talked about some of my favorite film critic's on the site before; Sarris, Scott, Mitchell, Ebert, Kael, Canby, Sikov and Hoberman but I don' think you've really dug into film criticism until you've read a review by Neil Cumpston, a sporadic contributor to aicn. He got an early look at Cloverfield and shared his insights with the site. Broaden your mind here.

Etan pointed me in the direction of this one. Supernova hot screenwriter Diablo Cody (Juno) posted her top ten criterion DVDs. I wish everyone did this (oooo THERE'S a feature idea for down the line). Take a look here.

Speaking of Ms. Cody I spent entirely too much time this week reading her incredibly entertaining blog. It doesn't hurt that she's super cute, incredibly intelligent and completely self-deprecating. It also doesn't hurt that she puts up naughty pictures of herself. Her new blog can be found here and the older one can be found here. I would recommend starting with the oldest entry in the old blog and work your way up to the present.

I love the Onion AV Club with the fire of a thousand suns, so you know I get excited when they put up their best of the year list (I've already seen eight of them WOO!). How'd you stack up? Find out here.

A lot of directors grew for the better this year and the IFC agrees with me. Check out who they said followed the first half of Paula Abdul's and MC Skat Cat's advice by taking two steps forward by clicking here.

Thanks to CHUD for constantly pimping this next one. So a couple weeks ago director Edgar Wright hosted this incredibly cool event in LA called the Wright Stuff festival. The man is as good a promoter as he is a director. The line-up was insane and those of us not in LA can still get in on the fun because the good folks at Metroblogging recorded the Q&A's with some of Edgar's amazingly cool guests. Among the luminaries were Shane Black, John Landis, Joe Dante, Timothy Dalton and Paul Williams. You can download these here but be warned the sound quality is not great so try to listen at home or make sure you have very high quality head phones. These are a real treat especially if you like hearing people speak candidly. Shane Black is ESPECIALLY hilarious.

The folks at 30 second bunny theatre are at it AGAIN. This time their target is Spider-Man 3. Good stuff. Click here for an excuse to enjoy bunnies.

And speaking of Spider-Man 3, I found this guy off-I want to say pajiba. I'll be talking about this in my increasingly daunting sounding year end wrap-up (that actually won't be arriving until mid-January) but I really liked the dancing in Spider-Man 3. So in that noble tradition here is one insanely fun swing dance routine.

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