Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How do you know that you love her/How do you show her you love her

How about 100 million bucks? Does that do anything for you? Yes our beloved mascot film (you know the one) hit the nine digit mark today. Congrats to Disney, Kevin Lima, Bill Kelly, McWhatsisname, Elphaba, Susan Sarandon, Pip, Timothy Spall, James Marsden and of course Amy Adams. Oh and with these numbers and the golden globe nod Adams is now officially at the next level (which means she gets to work with PSH and Streep next year-bitchin'!). Fingers crossed for an Oscar nom (I'm thinking best actress musical/comedy is in he bag, yes?). Want more Adams right now and ushers are looking at you funny for coming to the big E so many times? Check out the excellent Charlie Wilson's War also out in theatres right now.

Late post addendum: In examining the Enchanted wikipedia entry (shut up) it would appear that Idina Menzel DID originally have a song in the film. The song was to be called "Enchanted" and was set to be a duet with James Marsden. As it stand right now the song is NOT on the film's soundtrack (though Disney does have a tendency to go back and relase deluxe editions of soundtracks with deleted material such as "High Adventure" on the Aladdin deluxe soundtrack) so the best we (and by we I mean me and the other 10 year old girls who love this movie) can do for now is wait until the April of '08 (my birthday hiiiiiint) DVD release of the film where hopefully "Enchanted" the song will in some capacity be attached to Enchanted the movie. Screw that Blade Runner suitcase, where's my Menzel/Marsden duet?

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