Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Funny thing about my back

Alright time for some mutual love and admiration. Terry Wunder has been kind enough to pimp the hell out of my site over on his own amusing blog. He also suggested I host something called an "immigration booze cruise." Not a big fan of cruises as its basically an excuse for terrible off-Broadway actors to get a steady paycheck as "ship's entertainment" and eat a metric ton of unhealthy food. Since I live in New York City I'm exposed to both of those things on a daily basis without the need for Dramamine. I was also grouped into a category of potential hosts with no less an august personage as Joe Rogan. I tip my hat hat to Terry for picking the second oddest comedian I've ever been compared to. The first being the people on my Israel trip saying I'd be the next Bill Maher. I was insulted for like a day before I was told this was a compliment. Hah, to Bill Maher maybe.

In addition to having the second coolest name of an actual real person I have ever met (Harvey Justice being the first) Terry's blog is packed to the rafters with awesome. Bitchin' video links, musings on what a woman's reading material tells you about her and the greatest overview of the plot of The Darjeeling Limited EVER! The "Save a Boy?" line makes me laugh every time. Terry himsef is a pretty great guy, we've had good times making up ridiculous Will Ferrell-esque exclamations and he's still my friend despite the fact I've made like nine variations of the "hungry an hour later" joke to his face. What a guy.

So in honor of Terry's virtual HJ (I don't doubt at least some of the influx of hits I've been getting have been coming from him-but come on CITs leave a comment) here is a mini tribute to him based on a song his kids used to sing about him. Give it about a minute to get there. It'll make sense. This is from George Miller's 2006 film Happy Feet which would have been my Enchanted of last year if not for the bizarre tonal shift half-way through. But oh well musical theatre penguins still save the world through song and dance so really I can't get too upset about it. Clip starts at the 3:00 minute mark.

One final note, the title refers to a line from Superbad wherein a character says to Jonah Hill's Seth that if he'll scratch her back, she'll scratch his. I trust you know the rest.

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