Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ugh, My Lost Weekend, My Headache and one last post before Monday

Billy Wilder's The Lost Weekend is a very good movie. It speaks volumes about Wilder's filmography that despite the film's best picture, director, actor and screen-writing wins I wouldn't even put in a Wilder's ten best list. Why go to the trouble of explaining this? Well, last night, jolted by weekend enthusiasm, friends and just an overall positive and fuzzy feeling about my life I went out and partied hard. I am paying for it today though and I feel like Lost Weekend star Ray Milland (an otherwise bland actor) in this, his greatest performance. When Milland takes a swig it goes down the viewers throat and when he detoxes you get the mightiest migraine ever. Powerful stuff. When he hallucinates a bat though you kind of giggle cause that shit looked ridiculous. Wilder was never Mr. FX anyway so I'll let it slide.

Sorry guys no links (there weren't that many good ones this week anyway). Plus come on there weren't exactly a lot of prime viewing options that came out this weekend anyway. Rent something you've been meaning to see, catch up on Oscar nominees, have you seen The Wire? It's MY favorite TV show. Shouldn't it be yours too? Go, have fun, enjoy the Superbowl, I'll be here cuddled up on the couch feeling like warmed over death.

No, that's not an absolute truth, I will be back later tonight with a quickie review of an off-Broadway play I checked out earlier this week.

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