Monday, February 25, 2008

A fun albiet predictable evening

Hey everyone, hope you all enjoyed the Oscars. I know I did. Hmm, what could've helped that?
Oh, also this.

Seems like everyone I was with had a fun night. In a year where the academy was unusually savvy in its choice for nominees, as usual early hyperbole brought the fix-in way too early. Blame for this certainly can fall on interminable post-festival buzz for films like No Country and La Vie En Rose. How can anyone else be a winner when certain films and people have had the phrase "Oscar winner" bandied about beside their name for months? I will say the Jon Stewart seemed relaxed despite a crunched prep-time. He was fun and off-the -cuff and while others may criticize him for being reined in there was a still a lot of strike-fueled bad blood in the room and overly edgy material would not have helped it. Still I felt the evening breezed by considering there were only really two brief "wtf" type montages as opposed to four or five. It was ALMOST interesting seeing how Oscar nominations get done and it's nice to see Oscar moments. I'm sure for non-cinephiles it was dull as dishwater to see the prior nominees bits before each of the "big six" but if you're one of us it's intriguing to see how trends have evolved in Hollywood (and to show off the best and worst choices for that matter).

Ok quick personal favorite moments and superlatives from the evening:
Best line of the opening monologue: In regards to Norbit's make-up nomination "Too often, the Academy ignores movies that aren't good."
Runner-up: On the Democratic front-runners "Usually when you see a black or woman president, an asteroid's about to hit The Statue Of Liberty." Which led to the nights most amusing audience reaction shot; tickled pink (metaphorically) Wesley Snipes and Spike Lee.
Bit that failed at show but killed at the party I was at: Jon Stewart and the girl from the August Rush musical number playing wii tennis.
Best presenters: Josh Brolin and James McAvoy make a lame bit work (reciting classic film lines) through sheer force of personality and Brolin's terrible Nicholson impression. Both were so psyched to be there (and will hopefully show up again in the future). Didn't hurt that they were easy on the eyes. Or McAvoy's adorable little skip as he walked on.
Runner-up: "Not Dame Judi Dench and Halle Berry" Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. Also quoth the girlfriend "And I know that Seth...Seth Rogen can never figure out if he's the fat guy...the hot guy in Knocked Up or the other guy...or the other guy the one from Juno. I know the fat guy and the other one from Knocked Up presented." A follow-up phone call revealed that yes, my gf think Seth Rogen is sexy and was not in fact talking about Paul Rudd. Yes I am the luckiest man ever.
Worst presenter: Cameron Diaz, you should probably be able to pronounce the title of your category as a prerequisite to presenting. Also she's kind of irrelevant as her face has not appeared in a film since 2006.
Runner-up: Miley Cyrus, why do you exist? No children are watching these Oscars and your presence isn't changing anyone's mind.

Best entrance: Verbatim line from party "Hey wouldn't it be amazing if Travolta were one of the dancers?" Ask and ye shall receive Pat Oscar party. Truly awful Travolta (registered trademark pending) impressions and cheers followed.
The Steven Spielberg appreciation society: Amy Adams (who smiled enormously and genuinely when the themes for Jaws and Close Encounters played) and The Rock (Apparently little 8 year old Dwayne thought the face melting in Raiders "was very real").

Best reaction shot: Seeing Cate watch her clip for Elizabeth 2 and then made a face that looked like someone had just shown a clip from a terrible high-school play. See even she knows that movie had no business being nominated.

Best musical performance: I've got to give it up for Once's Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova who nailed "Falling Slowly" and hopefully got some more eyes on their fantastic movie (now on DVD). It was very cool to see Glenn playing THAT guitar and whenever he peaked over at Marketa it was perfect.

Runner-up: Amy Adams goes it alone and does an awesome "Happy Working Song." A rough position to be in since the number is greatly benefited by context so I'm sure she felt kind of silly just being up there without gross animal helpers. Meanwhile Kristen Chennowth nails "That's How You Know" to the surprise of no-one (though I think she extended her phrases an awful lot). Quoth the girlfriend "I saw some of the Oscars when I was working out. I know that um I think it was the girl from Wicked, Glinda, did 'That's How You Know.' She was wearing a super weird dress that did not fit her."
Classiest moment: Jon Stewart, following Marketa Irglova being cut-off before getting one word in brings her back on stage for her entire speech, which was pretty great. It's reasons like this that Stewart should be invited back again and again. That and his post modest and earnest Glenn Hansard speech moment of saying "That guy is so arrogant."
Runner-up: Daniel Day-Lewis bows to Helen Mirren. Who then dubs him with the Oscar. Fitting, symbolic, memorable.
Second Runner-Up: Art Director Robert Boyle's honorary Oscar presentation and speech. When you're Hitch's, Jewison's and Siegel's set-designer you've earned it.

Biggest surprise: Tilda Swinton for best supporting actress. I certainly didn't mind it, but no one expected it. Quoth the girlfriend "I think a redehead won for supporting actress and she gave a real good speech which is hard to do. Plus she's very interesting looking."
Runner-up: The Bourne Ultimatum mini-sweep. Good movie to be sure, but come on.

Biggest non-surprise fun anyway: Javier Bardem's win, followed by a sweet and brief speech. He's about to become super-duper famous. Quoth someone at my party (I think it was Katie, could be wrong): "He's the Spanish Clive Owen." Too true.

Fashion Faux-pas: Gracious winner and screenwriter Diablo Cody. Way to not remind everyone of the old gig Ms. Busey. Quoth Frank "This is the first time I've seen someone cry the amount in proportion to how high their slit is."
Fashion Faux-pas: Daniel Day-Lewis rocking not one, BUT TWO earrings. Wait, whats that? DDL can wear any damn thing he pleases? I guess you're right internal monologue.

Biggest death montage snubs: Brad Renfro, Robert Goulet. GOULET!

So bizarre it bears mentioning: Jack Nicholson during his best picture montage presentation , "Each of these film touches the humanity ha-ha-ha inside us." Was he laughing at the whole "touching inside us" thing? What is he, Michael Scott?
Most Coen-esque moment: During their accepting best director Joel says what everyone was thinking "I don't have a lot to add from the last time I was up here. So thank you."


Football Chick said...

It was me talking about Javier Bardem, but what I said was that he looks like a combination of Clive Owen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka Denny). And that is like the hottest combo ever.

Great post dude!

El Gigante said...

Awwww, yay! For some reason I thought you were super annoyed with me by the end of the night. Glad to see I was totally wrong. Jeffrey Dean Morgan can next be seen as the Comedian in Watchmen and in Mary Louise Parker (WADDUP!).

Football Chick said...

Nope not at all, just sleepy.

I would watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan drool oatmeal after a long night of kicking puppies, so whatever movies you tell me he is in I will SEE.

El Gigante said...

It's funny you should say that cause without giving too much away the Comedian IS a pretty reprehensible character. He does some pretty despicable things. But nothing as bad as puppy kicking so you should be ok.

elaine said...

thanks for the re-cap! i'm not a huge fan of the oscars, but sometimes i'll watch it, and i wasn't able to this year. it's funny what your friend said about clive owen and javier bardem because i told my friends the exact same thing.

Can't wait for The Watchemen, I'm reading it right now. Kind of glad that Simon Pegg passed on the role of Rorschach