Sunday, February 24, 2008

A special message from Daniel Plainview

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve traveled over half our state to get here this evening. I couldn’t get away sooner because my new well was coming in at Coyote Hills and I had to see about it. That well is now flowing at two thousand barrels and it’s paying me an income of five thousand dollars a week. I have two others drilling and I have sixteen producing at Antelope.
So - Ladies and Gentlemen - if I say I’m an oil, man you will agree. Tonight, your usual "blogger" is watching an awards ceremony, known as the Oscars. Now I knew a man named Oscar, bald as a piker he was. But not made of gold. It's three hours of finery and not plainspoken folk like myself. Just a bunch of thick dandies who don't know about my business. Still it IS a competition and I do have a competition in me. I've been told by our host that he'll be back tomorrow with a review of the ceremony, of something called Be Kind Rewind, maybe even some photographs.
So tonight, my son and my partner, H.W. Plainview will abide this here blog. But please no comments. I don't like...people.

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