Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ooo it's the same girl

For the R&B challenged among you the song I'm referencing in the title is a classic R. Kelly/Usher duet wherein both men believe they are singing about the same woman when IN FACT they are singing about two different women who HAPPEN to be twins.

So today's subject is movies that appear to be similar but have enough cosmetic differences that one wouldn't necessarily refer to them as remakes. Movies that look they could be: THE SAME GIRL!

The first SAME GIRL in question is The Breakfast Club and Empire Records.

Consider the sameness: Both films feature young hip casts loaded down with archetypes forced to spend a day in a place they'd rather not be with a controlling but ultimately benevolent leader ultimately forcing them to band together. Sounds like it could be the same girl to me.

Oh sure, there are cosmetic differences, certainly a record store would be a more fun place to hang out then detention on a Saturday (and it certainly seems to have 200% more half-naked Zellwegger and Rex Manning appearances) but the fact that Lucas is forced to stay on the ouch as punishment for his gambling away the payroll gives the thing a very punishing vibe. By the same time the Breakfast Club's essay better illustrates the group's coming together then some slut singing "Sugar High" on the roof. Ultimately both days plays out the same way, admissions of love, tear-filled declarations about messy home-lives and pressure about "what comes next."

I certainly like both films but come on, it's the same girl.

Got some other examples of "Same Girls"? Put 'em in the comments.


sarah said...

I take issue with your characterization! The Breakfast Club is all about different people coming together in a situation where they were forced to be close, whereas Empire Records is about people who generally get along, work together (willingly, one assumes), etc. Just because they both have that sort of teen movie drama thing going on (like St. Elmo's Fire) doesn't make them all that much alike....then again, I really like Empire Records; Breakfast Club, not so much.

sarah said...

(But I do appreciate the fact that you actually did a post on Empire--don't think I didn't notice)

El Gigante said...

There is a ticking clock component to Empire Records because the company will go under if they can't raise the money AND furthermore Lucas is stuck on the ouch. That is detention.

sarah said...

Perhaps....I'm still not sure that detention is like being detained on a couch. I've never been stuck on a couch, though, so who knows. Plus, Empire has so many more characters in and out....