Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The above reference is to a show that is so good that even my brother and I, two people who couldn't be more varied in taste, both enjoy watching. The show of course being Curb Your Enthusiasm, the show that dissects social mores the way Leatherface goes to town on hitchhikers. Larry David brings his acidic, neurotic voice to every episode of the splendid HBO series and what's remarkable about it is that it's a voice that while Jewish is distinct from fellow neurotic iconic Jew, Woody Allen.


It was announced today that David would star in Allen's next film (likely as the Allen analogue character-better him than Scarlett Johanson-wait let me think about this again). Will David's distinctive voice clash with or compliment Allen's? Woody has enough autonomy that if he clashes with a star he can replace them in a snap, will David last through the film making? Is this all going to be fodder for the next season full of Curb? Cue the music.

Note: The below is a scene from Curb where Larry works for another renowned NY based auteur. Larry's line "Do you even know what you're doing?" made me laugh for ten minutes when I first saw it.

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