Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome Home, Roscoe Link

Having a week off of linking yielded some cool results.

Sight and Sound has a kick-ass interview with Quentin Tarantino right here.

Jew Eat Yet (great name) has an appreciation of one of the great underrated actress of all time, Miss Thelma Ritter right here.

Celebrities that look like Star Wars action figures. Prepare to be very amused when you click here.

Here are two articles that bemoan the state of sex in American mainstream films (yes it's all Kate Hudson's fault...sort of), they're both pretty thought provoking pieces one courtesy of the SF GATE here and one courtesy of CHUD here.

CHUD alerted me to the passing of one of te great poster artists of all time Mr. John Alvin. Behold the glory of cinema posters and bemoan the omnipresence of Photoshop here.

Ever wish you could hit a button and get a hilarious sound-bite from Kindergarten Cop, wish no more when you click here.

Retrocrush has a very solid list (from a wide range of genres) of the greatest duets of all time right here.


Little Earl said...

Yes, that Tarantino interview is hilarious. Do you really think he walks around with a "posse" of black chicks and a "posse" of Korean chicks like he says he does?

El Gigante said...

I do think that as a popular screenwriter and a man known to enjoy a vice or two I wouldn't be at all surprised. The fact is that if you watch a lot of behind the scenes material Tarantino keeps lot of ladies around; editor Sally Menke, stunt ladies like Zoe Bell and his various casting people and assistants. His working relationships get a lot of play in the "Full Tilt Boogie" documentary attached to the special edition From Dusk Till Dawn DVD.

Little Earl said...

Interesting, very interesting. Now what about the comment regarding how Jackie Brown doesn't live in his balls?