Friday, February 29, 2008

The Other Boelyn Link

Sorry everyone but there has been something of dearth of movie news and link lately. My guess is everyone is just tired post-Oscars. I don't blame them.

Movies: The biggest news heading into the weekend is the end of New Line Cinema. I will be writing my own eulogy for the studio tomorrow but to tide you over until then CHUD's Jeremy Smith has a nice piece here.

Speaking of CHUD they have a wonderful interview that should point you to the must see film of the week, Chicago 10 here. There is also an excellent audio interview that I can't recommend enough on NPR's Fresh Air, you can get it off iTunes for free (if you act quickly). It's the show dated 2/27/08.

TV: Fans of Barack Obama would do well to check out this article if you enjoyed when The West Wing started getting good again. Ask "what's next" here.

Did you see The Wire last week? MY GOD! Bask in the warm glow of series creator David Simon here.

Dubs A: If this keeps up I'll need AAA, Amy Adamsoholics Anonymous. This site certainly won't help here.

Ok one more: The greatest over the top acting performances EVER. With video evidence, here.


brian said...

Thanks for the David Simon link. I am a new fan to The Wire [all 59 eps since January] and I've been gobbling up everything I can get my hands on. Did you read the op ed he did in The Washington Post a few weeks ago about the news? It correlates great with this season.

Also, I'm a huge fan of The West Wing. And I've been telling people that Obama is the real Josiah Bartlett. Apparently, he is the real Matt Santos. I'll take what I can get.

Great links and great blog.

El Gigante said...

You're very welcome. It's always nice to meet the new visitors and I LOVES it when you comment. O answer your questions, no I did not see the entire article but someone sent me a chunk of a paragraph from the article. Good stuff (though that's no surprise).

wunder said...

That Obama/Santos article sure didn't help out my The West Wing obsession.

I'd vote for a Santaos/Obama ticket. As long as Donna Moss sticks around.