Friday, February 15, 2008

Link Up 2, The Streets

Lots of links, lots of fun, by category:

Recommended by users: My dad, MY DAD, pointed me in the direction of this very amusing web series that deals with philosophy and religion in a very wry and clever way (no REALLY). It's called Mr. Deity and you check it out here. You can also subscribe to the series online (for FREE) at the iTunes store.
Mmmmm look whose on the cover of Interview magazine, the interview is very thorough and the pictures are so very great. Drool here. Thanks to Cary who had to deal with a great deal of innuendo when he sent me the link.

Interview: The Onion AV Club has an interview with George Romero here. See what the father of zombies has to say about the genre and his latest film.

Retrospectives: Here's a look at one of my favorite classic character actors Claude Rains and a look at some damn dirty apes.

Funny: Will Ferrell and Mrs. Seal (Auf! or should I say...Arf?) did a sexy/amusing or sexmusing photo shoot to promote Ferrell's new formula sports comedy Semi-Pro here.
The cast of Spongebob Squarepants re-dubbed some scenes from classic movies, if it's funny that must mean it's on collegehumor.

Awards: As always you can find the BEST Oscar coverage ever at
Additionally is hosting its annual Golden Schmoes awards. You can fix a great injustice and vote Amy Adams for best actress by clicking here.


Wunder said...

Amy Adams is also on this months' cover of ELLE mag

neonspecs said...

Claude Rains as Professor Challenger in the 1960 The Lost World = spectac.