Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good night for "them", lousy night for me

Damn it.

And with that, a ticket to Night at the Museum 2 was sold, but under much duress I assure you.


Maybe if I shove my fingers in my ears and just hum "Happy Working Song" loudly to myself it'll make the unfunny go away. That certainly seems to work when I want to avoid conversation on the subway.

Oh man, if the combined might of Gervais, Rudd and Van Dyke couldn't polish the last turd I don't know what chance she has.


Wunder said...

fyi: my favorite amy adams role: http://imdb.com/character/ch0004043/

El Gigante said...

Yes it's funny, a young Sickness had his eyes on Jennifer Garner in that film, oh the folly of youth.

In retrospect it was just a sign of early greatness on Adams part.