Thursday, February 7, 2008

(Pant) (Pant) It's the fastest plane alive

Ok so remember how I had writer's block? Well Vanity Fair to the friggin' rescue. Inside the Hollywood issue are portraits of celebrities in famous scenes from classic Hitchcock films. They're all pretty cool but this, THIS has got to be one of the best things ever. BEHOLD! (click on image for more detail):

Ok so now imagine Van Halen's "Panama" playing in the background. Question: great thing or the GREATEST THING EVER?

You can check out the other amazing pics (including Scarlett Johanson and Javier Bardem in Rear Window) by clicking on this link for just jared or you know, buying the issue.


neonspecs said...

greatest thing ever

Nate said...

I actually think the best of the bunch is Marion Cotillard doing Psycho, but regardless, it's definitely worth picking up.

El Gigante said...

I also enjoyed Marion Cotillard being stabbed repeatedly. Oh and the pictures were cool too. Oh I'm HORRIBLE!