Monday, February 18, 2008

Seven for the Sickness in March

Sure the weather may be lousy, your friends have better things to do and you're waiting to hear back from various fellowships and jobs (ok that last one may just be me) but soon-oh so very soon-the Oscars will be here and then the 2008 movie year can start in earnest. So let's take a look at the seven March releases I'm looking forward to the most:
7. 10,000 B.C.-Devlin and Emmerich (the men behind ID4 and The Day After Tomorrow) take us back to prehistoric times. I don't doubt that historical accuracy and intense character dynamics will be absolutely paramount and dumb action set-pieces will be kept to a minimum...BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Watch Omar Shariff whore himself out March 7.
6. Doomsday-The Road Warrior took Escape from New York back behind the middle school and got it pregnant. Nine months later out popped Doomsday. The always solid Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) directs Rhona Mitra, Malcolm McDowell and Bob Hoskins and a ton of spikes and leather. Think of other genre classics you can reference to sound pretentious by March 14.
5. Snow Angels-Before David Gordon Green inevitably explodes after the release of the already classic Pineapple Express check out one last quiet, atmospheric, human drama. Green is aided by his most impressive cast yet including Sam Rockwell, Kate Beckinsale and Amy Sedaris. See how a single gunshot brings to separate families together March 7.
4. Drillbit Taylor-Seth Rogen proved himself as an incredibly talented writer in 2007 with Superbad and in this film he's riffing on a John Hughes story concept. Three picked on kids pool their resources to hire security to protect themselves in junior high. Think My Bodyguard with Owen Wilson in place of Adam Baldwin. The previews make this look like a lot of fun and I'm thinking with all the talented ringers on hand (Leslie Mann, Ian Roberts, Cedric Yarbrough and Danny McBride) it should be a winner. Tip-toe around the elephant in the room March 21.
3. Funny Games-Director Michael Haneke remakes his own critically acclaimed story about an incredibly disturbing home invasion. I have not seen the original but I hope to remedy that before this new English language version comes out and scares the willies out of audiences. If Haneke can keep up the pacing of the trailer (which you can see here) we've got a winner on our hands. Go off on Tim Roth with golfing equipment March 14.
2. CJ7-Did you see Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer or King of Beggars? No? Go watch one of them. No it's ok, I'll wait. Really. Hmm hmm hmmm that's how you know/she loves you hmmm hmm hmmm. Back? Great. Ok so Stephen Chow is directing/writing/starring in his own take on E.T. Yeah, that's what I thought. Now count the days until March 7.
1. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day-Four words: Amy Adams in lingerie. AHHHHHHHHH GLORIOUS! The divine Miss Adams brings her supreme talent as a Marilyn Monroe-esque ambitious ditz in this London set screwball comedy. Oh also Francis McDormand, Cirian Hinds and Pushing Daisies Lee Pace (oh man do I miss that show) show up as well. I keep hearing the phrase "Howard Hawks inspired" associated with this film but come on people, you already made the sale, I'm buying the ticket. Be my very annoyed (but supportive) girlfriend on March 7.


neonspecs said...

they're showin CJ7 + Stephen Chow is gonna be there tomorrow and I can't be there! boooooooo (they = UCLA)

El Gigante said...

THAT, Lk, is what we in this business refer to as a shame.

Frank said...

You have fun spending your money on a ticket to 10,000 B.S. Honestly, other than Independence Day, what have these people ever given you?

El Gigante said...

Says the guy who was front row center for Dennis Quaid versus the Armies of the Freezing.